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DAY WOLF Led Gloves Finger lights Cycling Gloves For Men Touch Screen Breathable Outdoor For Fishing Rechargeable Battery 2022


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DAYWOLF LED Cycling Gloves Flashlight Luminous Breathable Outdoor Lighting Gloves For Fishing with Rechargeable Battery  2022


一,Product Specifications:

50 Lumens On Each Gloves LED Lights With High Beam.

5V 260 mAh Polymer Lithium Rechargeable Battery In Each Glove.

Thumb and Index Finger Touch Screen.

Flashlight Distance: 15 to 20 Meters.

Flashlight Duration: 4 to 6 Hours If Fully Charged.

Cycling, Biking, Night Working, Indoor & Outdoor Sports, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Running.

High quality flashlight gloves with 4 high lumens bulbs in one every single glove to illuminate in dark.

2 power control buttons for ON & OFF and to manage the modes.

3 Lightening Modes: 1: Stable, 2: Signal, 3: SOS.

二,Package Included:

1 Pair of LED Gloves.

1 Pair of 5V 260 mAh Polymer Lithium Rechargeable Batteries.

1 USB Charging Cable.

1 Instruction Manual.

1 Portable Plastic Bag.

三,Installation Guide:

Connection: -Take Out The Wires From Pocket Inside The Gloves.

-Carefully Connect White Jumper With White Port & Black Jumper With Black.

Operation: -Put Battery In Pocket, Upfront Angle On The Back Of Gloves, Where Button On The Battery Place On Day Wolf Logo.

-One Button On Index Finger & One The Back Of The Hand On Battery Use Any Button To Switch On The Flashlight and Press Again to Adjust Heating Modes.

四,Important User Instructions:

While Taking Off The Battery Do Not Pull From Wires. It Might Damage Connections, If Pulling With Power, Always Hold & Pull Jumpers (Black & White) To Disconnect It.

Charge The Battery For 1 to 2 Hours Until The Red Light Turns Green.Red Light illuminate While Charging.Green Light illuminate when Charging is Complete.

Press Power Button Once to On & Press Again to Adjust Modes.

It Is Recommended To Recharge The Battery At Least Once In Every Six Months To Keep It Usable (If product is not in use).

For The Long Life of LED Gloves & Battery It Is Recommended to Do Not Plug & Unplug Batteries Again and Again From Wires. Only Unplug While Cleaning it or Don’t Want To Use Gloves For Long Time.

Remove Battery While Cleaning or Storing Gloves.

Use Mild Detergent to Clean the Only the Spots and Air Dry Lying Flat.

Hand Wash Is Recommended For More Safety. Do not Machine Dry or Use Bleach.

If Machine Wash then it is recommended to use sack bag to wash it.


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