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Baseus 20000mAh Jump Starter Power Bank 2000A 12V Portable Car Battery Starter Emergency AUTO Booster Starting Device Jump Start

(365 customer reviews)


Power Your Devices and Your Car

This multi-function power bank does it all. With 1000 or 2000 amps of power.

Testimonial  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – “All functions perform, incl. Fast charging both on the input and on the output. I used with a weak battery that started my car several times, the start is easy. I can honestly it has saved my rear multiple times. I love it!”

Darios , United States     

The most versatile power bank you will use over and over again to power all your electronic devices and your car. Compact and small enough to fit into a purse, but powerful enough to crank your car even in freezing weather. No need to carry around bulky cables waiting for someone else to give you a boost with over 50+ starting cranks from a full charge.

✅ Charge multiple devices at once.  Power your phone, tablets, laptops, etc. Fast charging port gets devices recharged at lighting speed.

Built-in Flash Light can be set to various modes.

With a Low Power Consumption  the battery holds a charge for up to two years.

✅ Jump Start cars, motorcycles, ATV’s, RV’s*.

✅ Compact Cables allow easy storage in small places.

Weather ready Crank Amps for cold starts.


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There are 2 models optional, please choose suitable model before purchase.

Jump Starter from Zero Voltage

2000A of peak current is powerful enough to jump start a 6.0L gasoline car in a second.

Charge Once For 60 Times of Jumpstart

The 20000 mAh high-capacity battery with four strings of cells can continuously start a 3.0L Royal Saloon more than 50 times.

Support 12V/8L Gasoline Vehicles and 12V/4.0L Diesel Vehicles

4 strings of high discharge rate cells offer powerful performance for all car modles and displacement.

Resistant to Low Temperature

The built-in high-rate safety polymer battery cell is resistant to low temperature. It works even in subzero temperature.

Low Power Consumption and Long Battery Life

This jump starter keeps more than 85% battery after in standby mode for a year due to 0.05mAh of power consumption and long battery life.

Intelligent Digital Display

The intelligent digital display accurately indicates the battery status in case out of power suddenly.

Dual USB Output

The two USB ports are compatible with tablets,laptops,phones and support simultaneous charging of two devices.

Emergency Lighting and Charging

This multi-use jump starter can serve as an emergency light and a fast charger for phones, computers and other devices.

Can sa a Mobile Power Supply





10000mAh 1000A, 20000mAh 2000A

365 reviews for Baseus 20000mAh Jump Starter Power Bank 2000A 12V Portable Car Battery Starter Emergency AUTO Booster Starting Device Jump Start

  1. m***r (verified owner)

  2. I***N (verified owner)

    I ordered one address, and sent to another. The distance between the points of issue-20 km one way!!! Are you kidding me?!!! I this address not agree!
    No complaints. At the highest level.

  3. n***v (verified owner)

  4. V***v (verified owner)

  5. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    Иаатьои password пррнее N. Предщ

  6. J***a (verified owner)

  7. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    Starting device-goal. Quality performance, intelligent design and functionality. Shipping was quite fast, about a month. Delivers Service cdek, therefore, apparently, shipping tracking status were not entirely clear and consistent, for example, has indicated the problem with shipping, then long one status, only changing date

  8. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    Good battery.

  9. y***r (verified owner)

  10. y***r (verified owner)

  11. 7***r (verified owner)

    Delivery on time. Until the check, but hopefully not fail.

  12. A***v (verified owner)

  13. D***r (verified owner)

  14. P***v (verified owner)

    Starting device was sent and delivered quickly. is not used. Seller recommend.

  15. g***k (verified owner)

  16. I***n (verified owner)

  17. W***K (verified owner)

  18. b***b (verified owner)

  19. A***y (verified owner)

  20. D***v (verified owner)

    Sorry batteries only all new…

  21. N***n (verified owner)

  22. Р***в (verified owner)

  23. Y***n (verified owner)

  24. D***v (verified owner)

    The performance of this is not yet checked, but exactly the same already ordered. Got on the engine 2,4 finished Akum, even the bulbs were not burned

  25. i***r (verified owner)

  26. G***y (verified owner)

  27. E***s (verified owner)

    Received in Chile after 32 days, it arrived in perfect condition and I have already tried it, it works perfectly

  28. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  29. 0***r (verified owner)

  30. P***n (verified owner)

    The product was received very quickly, but on the device, in the indicator zone, small scuffs are barely visible, as if the device is not absolutely new. At the same time, otherwise, there are no complaints. In principle, not critical. I advise the device. On use I will complement the review.

  31. D***v (verified owner)

  32. Y***N (verified owner)

    Haven’t checked yet

  33. c***n (verified owner)

  34. M***n (verified owner)

  35. E***r (verified owner)

  36. A***n (verified owner)

  37. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    Excellent starting device. Long thought to take or not take, all the same bought and was not mistaken. It came very quickly, the packing is quality, everything is fine, fine. Good seller, good store, quality goods. thank you to the seller. Can order anotherproduct

  38. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  39. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  40. C***o (verified owner)

  41. E***s (verified owner)

    Great product

  42. R***r (verified owner)

  43. D***v (verified owner)

    Delivered in 4 days to the nearest pickpoint. Production 12.2021 is made of high quality materials, odorless plastic, charge 81%
    In the reviews this line is praised. Hope 20000 Ah is enough to run my 3,0 diesel, let’s see.
    I knew about them and made a choice consciously, but I would like to pay the attention of the manufacturer.
    Very short wires: Red 195mm, Black MM, Max distance between contact points, considering the length of the crocodiles and the width of the unit, 50 cm. If the distance between the contact areas is larger than this value, there are two options: either cling the land where it will have to, or changing the start block other, longer, wires wires wires
    In the power bank mode, when using fast charging, the pulsation reaches 25%. The conclusion is unambiguous-to use only slow charging, where with pulsations all the rules.
    In the kit there is no carrying bag/case. It is clear that no one will carry a device in the car in the factory box and will have to farm something.

  44. F***z (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping, looks good quality lack to test it

  45. d***i (verified owner)

  46. w***y (verified owner)

  47. D***v (verified owner)

  48. w***y (verified owner)

  49. M***h (verified owner)

    All is well, thank you seller

  50. G***d (verified owner)

    The quality is excellent. The display shows the rest of the charge and charging power. Delivered quickly. Seller recommend.

  51. s***o (verified owner)

  52. A***v (verified owner)

  53. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  54. S***v (verified owner)

  55. S***v (verified owner)

  56. k***v (verified owner)

    The goods is fully in line with
    Description. With delivery there was a delay. Wise with receipt points. For this minus star.

  57. A***v (verified owner)

  58. A***v (verified owner)

  59. V***v (verified owner)

  60. A***v (verified owner)

    The product corresponds to the description! Seller recommend! The tests passed successfully on 2.5td with detachable wire +, the rest of the equipment has not yet reached…

  61. A***v (verified owner)

    I did not try yet, but it looks decent

  62. M***z (verified owner)

  63. J***a (verified owner)

  64. A***v (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, everything in the norm works fine

  65. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  66. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  67. s***v (verified owner)

  68. s***v (verified owner)

  69. 6***r (verified owner)

    In the case did not check, everything came whole, not crumpled, very quickly, looks just gorgeous…

  70. D***v (verified owner)

    In the case, this 2000a did not check, but I had on 1000A-and they all start. I don’t doubt that. Came 80% charged. The seals on the box are opened. Completeness is complete. Who had interest in what was there in the parcel

  71. E***n (verified owner)

    Delivery fell behind for 2 days from the projected period-changed the delivery address.
    I took the model for 1000A. Came charged about 50%. Charge indicator-luminous ring around the control button divided into 4 segments. There was no need to check the work. A little missing cover for storage. So you have to carry with you in the box in which you supplied

  72. M***G (verified owner)

    Got, Courier, sdek. delivery 2 weeks, packaging whole, until checked.

  73. 7***r (verified owner)

  74. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    Very poor quality of packaging, at this price you can at least pack professionally.
    Almost a miracle not broken in shipping

  75. A***n (verified owner)

    Delivered within 9 days. I brought a courier. The packing is whole, everything glows. Working capacity did not check.

  76. С***ч (verified owner)

    The goods is according to the description

  77. 대***황 (verified owner)

  78. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  79. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  80. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  81. G***s (verified owner)

    Great quality.

  82. A***A (verified owner)

    On trial.

  83. M***v (verified owner)

  84. d***i (verified owner)

  85. S***f (verified owner)

    The parcel came very quickly, delivery by courier, everything is fine! I did not communicate with the seller, I did not give a reason… Packing is normal, without damage. Until I checked completely, later I will add necessarily.

  86. v***n (verified owner)

    In the 1st look is credible, but in practice has not yet used

  87. E***V (verified owner)

    Delivery week. I’ll try, I’ll cancel.

  88. D***n (verified owner)

  89. r***a (verified owner)

    super good service. thanks

  90. F***v (verified owner)

    The goods came quickly, looks great, we will use. bad that there is no cover.

  91. e***a (verified owner)

    Everything is fine, it works, as in the photo

  92. G***h (verified owner)

    Charging only from the USB wire from the computer, and from the outlet-No. “Crocodiles”-quality. I already charge 2 hours from the laptop-continues to flash a quarter of the glowing bezel around the button, I do not know when the whole circle will burn without flashing. Well, sorry, there is no indication of the remaining charge in %

  93. A***v (verified owner)

  94. A***n (verified owner)

  95. A***k (verified owner)

  96. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    Product excellent

  97. A***V (verified owner)

    The product fully corresponds to the description. Quality, inner packing-at altitude. If another box were packed in a pupyrku, it would be possible to take as a gift. The box during transportation in Russia had a little primite, but as a gift will not go. He reached Moscow in a week. Track is not clear. For some reason by yourself
    Changed the delivery point-inconvenience. Charged was 80 percent. The smartphone charges. Charged the booster to 100 percent. I did not check the start. Not yet relevant. I plan to use in addition to the external power supply for the rear DVR.

  98. A***v (verified owner)

  99. A***v (verified owner)

    The launcher is just a gun. I started 2 liter CRV from the half turn started. the capacity did not check. who thought to buy, take 100% will not pay.

  100. V***y (verified owner)

  101. v***v (verified owner)

  102. S***n (verified owner)

    It’s very accurate.
    I’m not buying devices for myself. So I can’t tell you about these monsters. For myself, I bought a device of less capacity. Two winters in strong frost helps well to start the car.
    Shop recommend. The seller is decent. I do not understand one, why there is no good cover on the device, you need to sew yourself or order from the shoe master, they always have skin remains. Slip out of the hands can easily and small and large device. I would not interfere with the handbag for carrying.
    Of course it will be more expensive. A bag worth 200 rubles will cost 800 believe me I’m a reseller.
    Good luck and health to all!.

  103. o***o (verified owner)

    Great belbank

  104. S***n (verified owner)

    It’s very accurate.
    I’m not buying devices for myself. So I can’t tell you about these monsters. For myself, I bought a device of less capacity. Two winters in strong frost helps well to start the car.
    Shop recommend. The seller is decent. I do not understand one, why there is no good cover on the device, you need to sew yourself or order from the shoe master, they always have skin remains. Slip out of the hands can easily and small and large device. I would not interfere with the handbag for carrying.
    Of course it will be more expensive. A bag worth 200 rubles will cost 800 believe me I’m a reseller.
    Good luck and health to all!.

  105. o***o (verified owner)


  106. M***n (verified owner)

  107. L***r (verified owner)

  108. I***e (verified owner)

    OK thanks.

  109. S***M (verified owner)

    Is OK

  110. K***r (verified owner)

  111. y***r (verified owner)

  112. y***r (verified owner)

  113. R***v (verified owner)

    All norms only went long

  114. M***a (verified owner)

    Although the shipping path is not recorded it arrived in a very good condition and arrived long before the date

  115. R***n (verified owner)

    Took on sale, for 3900… With rounding. A piece of its money costs, works properly, delivery from Russia.

  116. R***v (verified owner)

  117. p***r (verified owner)

    Wow. Arrived after 17 days. 85% pre charged. As described. I could not test it yet.

  118. A***i (verified owner)

    I recommend it very useful for emergency situations in the car does not ask people help

  119. J***R (verified owner)


  120. N***v (verified owner)

    In work did not try

  121. A***v (verified owner)

  122. D***k (verified owner)

  123. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  124. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  125. M***v (verified owner)


  126. m***g (verified owner)

  127. U***h (verified owner)

    the item arrived in a good condition.
    I haven’t used to jumpstart my car yet.
    thanks 👍

  128. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    It came quickly, all the parameters are satisfied. Thank you!

  129. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  130. W***s (verified owner)

    The product is excellent. I’m very pleased. The battery lasts long and has helped me start my car (2.5L 4 cylinder gasoline engine) some vezes (my battery is discharged if I don’t use the car in 2 days)

  131. y***y (verified owner)

    This product. טרם got it ואינני know if he still point Division

  132. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    Product excellent very useful.

  133. G***l (verified owner)

  134. d***o (verified owner)

  135. d***o (verified owner)

  136. L***a (verified owner)

  137. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  138. D***a (verified owner)

  139. N***s (verified owner)

  140. M***v (verified owner)

    Came quickly, ordered the second, as I really liked the first, and this one was at a discount, for
    3912 rubles. The first was for 4500 rubles.
    The car with a sewed battery vzero started instantly.
    And the arrow of charging the battery when connecting the booster, this with a sewed battery, showed higher than when the battery was charged.
    It surprised me. Car 5-K Zhiguli started instantly.

  141. s***o (verified owner)

    OK thanks

  142. A***N (verified owner)

    Product received quickly (8 days). I have not yet had the opportunity to test it to start my BMW320D. But I will complete this comment once the test is done…

  143. W***a (verified owner)

    Good, still not tested in vehicle, but as charger works.

  144. D***V (verified owner)

    It came safe, through a stop. I didn’t.

  145. A***v (verified owner)

    Thank you

  146. F***a (verified owner)

  147. F***a (verified owner)

  148. L***S (verified owner)

  149. K***r (verified owner)

  150. K***r (verified owner)

  151. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  152. ח***ע (verified owner)

  153. ש***ל (verified owner)

    I’ve used it a few times, it’s working great so far .

  154. S***a (verified owner)

    I ordered my husband as a gift! He was very pleased😁Immediately appreciated! Thank the seller for super fast delivery to Latvia, 2 weeks!
    All immediately checked, works Super!
    So I recommend both the seller and the goods!

  155. E***a (verified owner)

    i am testing

  156. M***a (verified owner)


  157. F***g (verified owner)

    I have got a faulty unit. The seller refunded in full. I have bought another one and it is working just fine.
    The seller is honest and communicative. Recommending.

  158. I***a (verified owner)

  159. F***g (verified owner)

  160. L***o (verified owner)

    Excellent booster, however, as everything I bought in this store, I really like the factory quality and thoughtful design. For example, here all the chips and electricians connected with the booster in a separate unit with clothespins, it makes it easier to use it as a power bank. It is very convenient when traveling to nature-I leave clothespins in the car, and I take only the device and cable with me👍👍👍
    Well, delivered in 5 days from the moment of payment to St. Petersburg!

  161. E***e (verified owner)

  162. I***r (verified owner)

  163. I***r (verified owner)

  164. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  165. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  166. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  167. s***m (verified owner)

    Good packing looks ok

  168. A***v (verified owner)

  169. E***n (verified owner)

  170. E***n (verified owner)

  171. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  172. E***n (verified owner)

  173. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  174. M***z (verified owner)

    The product is very good, I arrive very well packaged and it is exactly the same as published, I still don’t test it but everything indicates it worked at 100%

  175. V***n (verified owner)

  176. r***l (verified owner)

    Excellent thank you

  177. E***r (verified owner)

    Good item, already tested, work very well

  178. 7***r (verified owner)

  179. E***o (verified owner)

  180. a***n (verified owner)

  181. A***o (verified owner)

  182. g***v (verified owner)

  183. M***n (verified owner)

  184. A***r (verified owner)

  185. I***v (verified owner)

    Super powerful thing, 2 times lit the car, still 100% charging) for the service-the most it. It’s a pity there is no cover, so immediately order separately.

  186. O***v (verified owner)

  187. I***r (verified owner)

  188. C***r (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and built like a brick. should come with a case but there is some available.

  189. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  190. E***a (verified owner)

    Started 3 times motor gasoline charge 100% did not even sit down
    Not by percentage

  191. D***y (verified owner)

    Delivered in two days.

  192. A***r (verified owner)

  193. E***r (verified owner)

  194. G***a (verified owner)

  195. G***a (verified owner)

  196. Л***а (verified owner)

  197. A***v (verified owner)

    Bought as gift

  198. y***r (verified owner)

  199. U***a (verified owner)

  200. 3***r (verified owner)

  201. L***a (verified owner)

  202. c***r (verified owner)

  203. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    Very good

  204. a***i (verified owner)

  205. R***k (verified owner)

  206. R***v (verified owner)

  207. R***v (verified owner)

  208. k***k (verified owner)

    The parcel came quickly. the goods correspond to the description. To the seller respect and respect. I recommend the producer.

  209. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  210. Ю***в (verified owner)

  211. A***r (verified owner)


  212. Y***a (verified owner)

  213. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    It’s fast וארוז really good looks really good

  214. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    Good and responsible seller!

  215. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    As in description. הנעתי with him several times, driving with no need on hold. Feel top quality. Indicator to battery. Rechargeable well-in charger 12 volt ממצת composition. Weekly about Israel. Recommended

  216. T***v (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Everything corresponds to the description!

  217. E***s (verified owner)

  218. F***a (verified owner)

    The product works well as auxiliary starting charging cable not like very fragile inputs USB USBC not are good quality expected more these Intens. Brand baseus all only praise.

  219. A***o (verified owner)

    Exact description until tried

  220. 4***r (verified owner)

    Excellent Device, very satisfied

  221. G***v (verified owner)

    Shipping fast. Quality of manufacture and materials at altitude. Characteristics checked-fully correspond to the declared. All functions perform, incl. Fast charging both on the input and on the output. Vaz 2112 with a weak battery started several times, the start is easy. After five launches and use of the flashlight was discharged by 12%. Booster is completely satisfied, I recommend to buy. Of course I wanted to have a box for carrying and storing, personally, I adapted an old Soviet dermantine first aid kit for this purpose. The evaluation reduced the seller for his attitude to the package. The box came completely crumpled, as a gift is already ashamed to present.

  222. k***n (verified owner)

    excellent thanks 👌👌👌

  223. Y***s (verified owner)

  224. s***n (verified owner)

  225. s***n (verified owner)

  226. V***v (verified owner)

    Order came quickly. Soon winter, I hope will come in handy at the right time. Now only the phone charges.

  227. J***a (verified owner)

  228. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  229. A***l (verified owner)

    Everything works

  230. M***z (verified owner)

  231. E***v (verified owner)

    Came charged 82%. Connected charging showed 79% and continued to charge. I did not try to start the car, but it looks like everything is OK.

  232. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  233. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  234. A***v (verified owner)

    It came safe and sound. In the work has not yet checked

  235. V***v (verified owner)

    All Super

  236. A***v (verified owner)

    Everything is super, it works.

  237. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  238. Y***n (verified owner)

  239. A***o (verified owner)

  240. 8***r (verified owner)

  241. A***o (verified owner)

  242. 3***r (verified owner)

  243. R***n (verified owner)

  244. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  245. h***o (verified owner)

  246. В***в (verified owner)

  247. V***n (verified owner)

    I bought it for my parents. Done qualitatively. They haven’t checked with the car yet. The flashlight is not the brightest, but it works. The box came without damage.

  248. A***r (verified owner)

    The order came in a month. Looking quality good in work did not try charged was 75% so and should be

  249. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  250. 이***r (verified owner)

    All satisfied… portability. Storage. Stability… Good

  251. g***r (verified owner)

  252. a***r (verified owner)

  253. K***r (verified owner)

  254. S***v (verified owner)

    I did not check how the car starts. There are no complaints about quality and appearance! A decent device!

  255. G***a (verified owner)

    Product looks very good!!! Still nntestei in car.

  256. p***p (verified owner)

  257. p***p (verified owner)

  258. p***p (verified owner)

  259. p***p (verified owner)

  260. p***p (verified owner)

  261. p***p (verified owner)

  262. s***n (verified owner)

  263. s***n (verified owner)

  264. A***v (verified owner)

  265. s***n (verified owner)

  266. A***v (verified owner)

  267. s***n (verified owner)

  268. s***n (verified owner)

  269. 3***r (verified owner)

  270. R***a (verified owner)

  271. A***O (verified owner)

  272. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  273. M***w (verified owner)

    It came quickly, to Minsk in less than a month. Delivery through sdek, brought to work. The device did not use, tried on reviews before buying. Quality is satisfied, looks good. Recommend

  274. A***v (verified owner)

    The quality is good, it works.

  275. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  276. A***o (verified owner)

    Corresponds to all declared indicators. Takes more than 20000 mAh, gives a little more than 13000 mAh. One star was removed for oooochen dim light from LEDs, as well as for the absence of a handbag for storage!

  277. E***v (verified owner)

    It came, thank you, I have not checked yet

  278. A***v (verified owner)

    Great thing

  279. a***m (verified owner)

  280. v***i (verified owner)

    Delivery fast workmanship is excellent. I didn’t try it.

  281. A***n (verified owner)

    Good item! ship fast

  282. S***v (verified owner)


  283. s***s (verified owner)

    Arrived with a charge of 75% and immediately from the box tried to start a Nissan example p12 with a 1.9 dCi motor. At the same time, I threw the battery back and started several times, the temperature on the street + 10. I’m happy, it starts like a battery, which means in winter will help if necessary.

  284. A***v (verified owner)

  285. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  286. a***v (verified owner)

    I ordered from Russia and again was disappointed, the device does not work, it feels like all the defective goods they send to the warehouse in Russia, it’s not the first product to come. Once you put delivery from China, everything works, it’s better to let it last longer but for that quality. Opened the dispute, the seller did not even say anything, he immediately returned the money, which actually happened and it went wrong, the price is now for some reason I will go up up up up

  287. v***n (verified owner)

    Took a friend tried a dead battery, a cherry crossover car. Started with a poltychka

  288. V***v (verified owner)

    Excellent. Delivery a month earlier!!!. Packing is good. Works cool!!! Thank you!!!

  289. Y***n (verified owner)

  290. E***p (verified owner)

    Long delivery month. Almost fully charged was. Box all minted goods whole

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    I have not tested the item in real time yet, when you do I will update

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    Sent by sdecom, all whole, charge 69%, winter will come, we will try.

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    Took on 10000. Twice charged a dead battery. You just have to go.

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    Audi A6 C6 2.7tdi, a week ago sat the battery in zero. Ordered 6.11, received 10.11. Charged up to 100%, the car opened the key, connected under the hood, started at once. I hope, and in the winter it will be better with the start in the cold, when the starter is almost not enough rpm to run, because there is more Volts than in the battery. I’m happy with the purchase, five points to these gentlemen!

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    Delivered on time, the packing is sufficient. And its integrity is not broken. With the seller did not communicate, there was no need. Externally it looks reliable. It came with 69% charging, I have not checked in the work yet. Indicators show % charging. Additionally works as a lantern with 4 bulbs and also flashes like an alarm. Immediately placed it in the recommended cover. There is an instruction, but in Chinese and English, which is not enough for Russian-speaking buyers. The seller needs to take into account the remark. The product is generally satisfied, although in the main work has not yet checked.

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    No fast charging, the machine starts without problems

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    Super item top

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    Looks super, came charged at 81%
    The track was not tracked, but the goods came in 14 days.
    Thank you to the seller for prompt delivery.