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HiBoy Inline Skates


BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – Include:1 x Inline Skate, 1 x Wheel with Bearing, 1 x Brake Pad  4 SIZES ADJUSTABLE – A pair of shoes that can grow up with you! Designed as size adjustable, Hiboy Inline Skates can correctly position kids feet, providing proper balance and better control while skating. Makes the skate so comfortable. 8 WHEELS ILLUMINATING – Be a shining star while skating! The wheels are designed as self-generated power system, it will automatically light up when you start to skate. With the coolest light-up wheels, you will always feel confident. … Size: Y11-1 US Brand: Hiboy Color: Purple

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Read more The Perfect Roll Reinforced aluminum frame is lightweight and durable. With a lower center of gravity, its integrated shell and frame system enable skaters to control the inline skate with ease. Benefits from the high-quality ABEC-7 bearings and 82A polyurethane wheels, the inline skate achieves comfortable skating. Great for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Exceptional Comfort Skating is a healthy activity. People of all ages are fond of this low-impact exercise. A comfortable inline skate enables kids to enjoy the skating well. It is an inline skate suitable for beginners and skilled. Its supportive boot and comfy padded liner will provide all the cushioning needed to make skating comfortable. Trusted Protection Tripple protection including laces, instep ratchet buckles and high-strength buckle for ankle security. The upgraded instep ratchet buckles are durable and easy to operate, enable you to use this inline skate for a long time without concern about the easily broken strap. Read more Purple Inline Skate Protective Gear Set Light blue inline skate Pink Inline Skate Blue inline skate 4 Sizes adjustable ✓ For Kids and Youth ✓ ✓ ✓ Wheels Light up Wheels Size: S/M Light up Wheels Light up Wheels Light up Wheels Closure Buckle, Instep Ratchet Buckles, Laces Pink/Blue/Black Buckle, 45° Strap, Laces Buckle, 45° Strap, Laces Buckle, 45° Strap, Laces Frame Aluminium Alloy

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 12 × 5 in


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