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Vacuum Sealer(Open Box)

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➤【Included in the Package】You will receive 1 automatic vacuum sealer machine, 1 AC adapter, 1 instruction manual, and 10 pre-cut bags. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will respond within 12 hours and resolve any issues promptly.

➤【Dual Working Modes】The food vacuum sealer offers two buttons: one for vacuum sealing and the other for simple sealing. This allows you to provide the best preservation method for different types of food, from sealing unfinished snack bags to vacuum sealing ingredients that require freshness.

➤【Easy Operation】No complicated steps involved, simply press the vacuum sealing button or the sealing button. The LED indicator light ensures the ideal outcome in just 7 to 12 seconds. Note: After completing the vacuum seal, move the release valve to remove the sealed bag.

➤【Versatile Sealer】This sealer can be used for vacuum sealing dry, wet, and soft food items such as nuts, meat, vegetables, fruits, and bread. However, it cannot vacuum seal liquids, only single sealing is possible. Reminder: To prolong the machine’s lifespan, please wait 10 seconds after each vacuum seal.

➤【Space-Saving Design】The food vacuum sealer machine has a compact body measuring 14.6 × 2.6 × 1.8 inches, taking up minimal space. It can be placed anywhere in your kitchen or easily taken along when traveling. The high-quality ABS material makes cleaning a breeze.

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  • Simple to Operate】No complicated operation, one-button vacuum sealing or just sealing. With LED indicator light, the ideal effect can be achieved within 7~12 seconds. Note: After vacuum seal is completed, move the releasing valve to take the sealed bag out.
  • ➤【Multifunctional Sealer】The sealer can be used for vacuum sealing of dry, wet and soft food, such as nuts, meat, vegetables, fruits, bread and so on. But it can’t vacuum seal liquid, only single seal. Reminder: In order to prolong the life of the machine, please wait 10 seconds after each vacuum seal.


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