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Waxing Kit Fast, Effective & Painless Hair Removal

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The quick easy way to remove hair, pain-free. It’s so convenient, you can take it anywhere. Their formula works on short hair which is perfect for those of us who find we are always trimming a few blonde strands here and there. The ridges on the wax strips allow them to latch onto any unwanted hairs or stubble just as they are ready to break through your skin. Sally Hansen offers both pre-waxed strips and underarm, leg, and body waxing sets that come complete with pre-cut strips so you know exactly what area you’re doing without wasting any time at all. They offer up to 8 weeks of not having pesky hairs afterward.

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Hair Remover Wax for Face, Body, and Bikini

  • LONG LASTING – Say goodbye to shaving and waxing for up to 8 weeks
  • REDUCE THE APPEARANCE OF HAIR – Helps slow the appearance of regrowth and makes your skin feel smoother
  • WORKS ON ALL HAIR TYPES – Whether you have fine or coarse hair, this formula removes any type of growth
  • EUROPEAN SALON FORMULA – Contains azulene fishing oil, which helps reduce redness after waxing
  • 3 SIMPLE STEPS – Pre-waxed strips, pre-cut for underarms, legs and body


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