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Anjou Magnetic Eyeliner & Eyelashes Kit

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🌱Do you want to make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more beautiful?

Wearing Anjou Magnetic eyelashes is the quickest and easiest way to enhance the beauty of your eyes. You can choose from different styles of eyelashes like wispy, fluffy, long, or full. You will be amazed at how your eyelashes can transform the way you look. False eyelashes are more popular now than mascaras which are usually smudged and heavy.

The best thing about these eyelashes is they are magnetic. You don’t need to stick them to your eyelashes using glue. That can be messy and challenging to do.

The ultra-thin magnets on the eyelashes will attach to the magnetic eyeliner. You don’t have to worry because these magnetic eyelashes are very soft, lightweight, and comfortable. These lashes look and feel natural that you would probably forget you’re wearing them.

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🌱How to Use:

Using tweezers, gently grip the band of on cluster and lift it off of the tray.

Dip the band portion into lash adhesive; don’t saturate.(both strips of lash adhesive and individual lash adhesive can beused.)

Starting from the outer corner of the eye,place the band as close to your natural lash line as possible. Repeat with additional lash clusters, until you achieve desired effect.


🌱How to Remove:

Gently press saturated (with makeup remover) cotton pad onto eyes for a few seconds to dissolve the glue. Gently remove lash without pulling; repeat if necessary.

  • 4-in-1 Magnetic Eyelashes & Eyeliner Set: 3 pairs of luscious eyelashes, double-layered eyelash storage box, eyeliner, a pair of scissors & lash applicator
  • Reusable & Easy to Apply: Simply secure the eyelashes to the eyeliner to quickly create an impeccable eye look, even for first-time lash users – no glue required
  • Long-Lasting Magnetism: Each eyelash contains 5 strong & tiny magnets ready to cling to the ultra-fine magnetic powder in the eyeliner for lashes that stay put through the night
  • Skin-Friendly Liquid Eyeliner: FDA approved eyeliner avoids infections or irritations, time efficient formula dries within 3 minutes & is simple to remove with water
  • Fits Any Look: 3 pairs of eyelashes of different lengths & shapes to trim to your ideal size, with the included scissors, to feel comfortable wearing them day or night


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