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Goldfarm Nippleless Covers, Pasties, Silicone Reusable Breast Pasties Adhesive Bra 2 Pairs


The LATEST TRENDS Women Pasties Reusable Silicone Nippleless Covers – High quality silicone material, Comfortably on all skin types. 2.8″ diameter for a more secure coverage. They look nature and soft, you won’t feel anything when wearing them.The adhesive silicone Nippleless Covers are specially designed to to wear under crop tops, sports bra, t-shirts, backless, strapless and sheer dress, swimwear, and gowns. You will find these adhesive Nippleless Covers are the best solution to maintain modesty and give your top a smooth and natural appearance.

One size will fit most

After each use, simply hand wash the silicone pasties with warm water and mild soap.
Do not expose it to sun, Naturally air dry.
Do not use on damaged or inflamed skin Do not wear more than 8 hours for each application.
Do not wear Nippleless Covers for too long time especially for those who has sensitive skin, do not sleep on them!
Not suitable for lactating mothers.
Keep out of reach of children.

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Product Details

Fabric Type
Care Instructions
Hand Wash Only

About this Item

  • 2022 VERSION THE TOP QUALITY Nippleless Covers from Goldfarm Brand.
  • Natural and soft, well fixed.
  • The best solution to maintain modesty while giving your top a smooth and natural appearance.
  • Reusable- hand wash with warm water and mild soap then air dry.


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