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Svbony Telescope SV49 13×50 Monocular Powerful Professional Monoculars Binoculars Waterproof Camping Equipment forTravel Hunting

(543 customer reviews)


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1.13X50 Magnification: See things 13X closer and Get Clearer and Brighter range of view with 50mm lens – The most powerful hand held monocular available in the market today, that also provides the most pleasant and clear view.

2.Not only can you see objects 13 times closer with this monocular, with 50mm objective lens you can even calculate the distance between you and the target and the size of your target.

3.Durable External Armor: Provides a secure, non-slip grip, and durable external protection.

4.Waterproof and Fogproof: Prevents moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the monocular – designed to inhibit internal fogging. For any weather and any environment.

5.1/4 Inch universal tripod interface: The greater the magnification the more shake you get. This is easily compensated for by bracing against the tripod, only using a universal tripod with standard international 1/4 tripod Interface (no included).
6.Single Hand Focus: Ergonomic design helps you focus on your target quickly and accurately with one hand.

7.The brightest and clearest view of any monocular on the market today. Allows you to get the best view possible for bird watching, watching wildlife or scenery.

8. the monocular telescope only weigh 425g, it is compact and easy to use by one-hand, convenient to carry for everywhere.

13X50 Configuration: See things 13X closer and get clearer (ideal state) and Brighter range of view with 50mm lens – The most powerful hand held monocular available in the market today, and also provides the most pleasant and clear view.

Field of View: 342ft/1000yds means when viewing objects at 1000 yards, you could see an area 342 feet wide. The angle of field of vision is 6.5 degree, ensures comfortable and long eye relief, humanized observation experience.

Injecting nitrogen into the telescope’s sealed barrel can effectively prevent moisture from entering, waterproof and anti-fog, and can be used normally even in very harsh environments, greatly improving the service life.

Porro BK7 prism gives you a much clearer 3D image than others and sets along with a much larger field of vision. Porro prism works better for whenever you’re needing that extra clear image or wider FOV. So this monocular is great for birding, hunting, sporting events, and general outdoor use.

And multi-coated objective lens has greater advantages that single-coated lens in increasing the light transmission, delivers bright, clear and crisp images .

Non-slip Rubber Coating – Provides a secure, non-slip grip, and durable external protection.

Single Hand Focus – Ergonomic design helps you focus on your target quickly and accurately with one hand.

SV49 offers a long eye relief: 18.5mm, and fold-down eyecup which is comfortable for viewing with glasses or without glasses. And 4mm exist pupil is big enough for daytime viewing and causes less eyestrain.

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SV49 13X50, SV49-Phone Adapter

543 reviews for Svbony Telescope SV49 13×50 Monocular Powerful Professional Monoculars Binoculars Waterproof Camping Equipment forTravel Hunting

  1. M***v (verified owner)

    Shipping, packaging. Made such neat, doubt that 13х, but the picture can be clearly set up.

  2. A***n (verified owner)

  3. F***n (verified owner)

  4. M***o (verified owner)

    Everything is clear. Shipping Voronezh in four days. Home for the.

  5. v***a (verified owner)

    Multiplicity is too high, the image quality on top.

  6. V***v (verified owner)

    Everything is fine. Delivery fast.

  7. S***y (verified owner)

  8. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  9. Y***s (verified owner)

    Surprisingly good for the money.

  10. B***s (verified owner)

    Tube Super! It is second in the family. Tried two “halves” look like the binoculars, work) lens with enlightenment. And the lens has a gorgeous brightening! It almost transparent, glare is almost invisible! The picture is juicy, contrast. Increase comfortable, really keep solid hand. The design is present duralumin in of places. Eyeshade comfortable, eyelashes do not stain the eyepiece. That would be another plug eyepiece 1.25 “or at least threads under filters 1.25” to put a neutral polarizing or color filter.

  11. A***v (verified owner)

    Not bad for the money. Very fast shipping

  12. m***v (verified owner)

  13. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  14. 7***r (verified owner)

    Very satisfied. Sharpness and multiplicity of very much.

  15. M***t (verified owner)

    There is a loop for hands. Brings good

  16. I***n (verified owner)

  17. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  18. M***n (verified owner)

  19. d***v (verified owner)

  20. 9***r (verified owner)

    Buy goods, not much and decided to return. Place your refund. The debate was closed. The seller has to return the money, but the cards Visa and MasterCard is impossible, since they have set limit. Asked how to get a refund by other means? In response to the silence, the link does not work!

  21. P***a (verified owner)

  22. V***y (verified owner)

    Quickly arrived, quality excellent, good lens. Compared with binoculars similar price-can be seen at times lighter, I liked the article.

  23. j***o (verified owner)

  24. m***i (verified owner)

    Order received on time. Thanks to the seller. But to be honest I was expecting more magnification

  25. S***n (verified owner)

    All work, fast shipping. Highly recommend

  26. I***v (verified owner)

  27. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    Pictures ملتقطة of Yvonne 12

  28. 7***r (verified owner)

    Excellent optics. Very satisfied with clarity and viewing angle.

  29. J***R (verified owner)

  30. E***i (verified owner)

  31. A***l (verified owner)

    Fixed approach. Excellent visibility.

  32. Д***K (verified owner)

    Super thing!

  33. M***Y (verified owner)

  34. A***v (verified owner)


  35. Е***н (verified owner)

  36. Е***н (verified owner)

  37. 3***r (verified owner)

  38. R***r (verified owner)

  39. J***a (verified owner)

    Perfect! Hurry up! Exactly as they describe! Good material! Thank you.

  40. 0***r (verified owner)

  41. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    Came quite quickly in a week. Quality is super! There is not enough side handle, as on video cameras, you are afraid to drop. To him you need to immediately order a holder for the phone and a tripod.

  42. 1***r (verified owner)

  43. S***n (verified owner)

  44. M***v (verified owner)

    Great goods!

  45. s***. (verified owner)

  46. L***v (verified owner)

  47. 4***r (verified owner)

  48. v***k (verified owner)

  49. i***n (verified owner)

    Was problem general with IML, wrote to seller, respect, quickly resent DPD,
    On a monocle-thought smaller will be
    Complete set, zoom no, only eye focus adjustment,
    On increase 13 clearly not, only 8. For comparison of the photo from the camera of the phone X8

  50. o***r (verified owner)

  51. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  52. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  53. 8***8 (verified owner)

    All right, Monocle fire.

  54. t***v (verified owner)

    For their money norms, the quality is good

  55. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  56. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  57. Y***a (verified owner)

  58. C***. (verified owner)

  59. A***v (verified owner)

  60. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  61. A***v (verified owner)

  62. 7***r (verified owner)

  63. R***r (verified owner)

  64. A***Z (verified owner)

    In general, there was nothing to compare with, but at a distance of 5 meters at the legs of the Lying Cat saw the ant. His naked eye was not visible. Of course it’s not a microscope, but not a fuflo.

  65. 7***r (verified owner)

    Nice one

  66. O***v (verified owner)

  67. v***r (verified owner)

  68. J***k (verified owner)

  69. 4***r (verified owner)

    Ordered the monocular sv49 (13×50). The parcel came in 15 days, from the Russian warehouse, courier service cdek. Delivered directly to the door.
    The box was wrapped in a plastic bag and on this all, but there is no
    There is no damage to the lenses and the case, even the box did not crumble. The complete set includes: a monocular with 13 crane zoom, a cover, a cloth, a strap and an instruction in English. The monocular is equipped with moisture protection and lens protection with plastic caps. For such a price is a very worthy monocular, which clearly shows objects.
    At 150 meters across the street, I read a sign on the building. The seller is very responsive and helps with difficult questions. In general, I advise.

  70. L***v (verified owner)

    Good monocular, delivery of C-PB in 6 days to the house

  71. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  72. A***v (verified owner)

  73. D***n (verified owner)

    Price-quality corresponds. jambs on the body and lenses are not found.

  74. A***a (verified owner)

    The Courier gave it to me. Quality is good. I did not find any damage. The lenses are clean. Visibility from a distance of 500 m and further clear. Pleasantly surprised by the viewing distance. Health seller and thanks! All health!

  75. C***r (verified owner)

    The monocular is just as described. The image is clear and the focus dial is precise enough for my needs. The polyester cover isn’t shockproof, and the strap is for the cover, not the monocular. The actual monocular doesn’t have a strap loop, just the tripod screw.

  76. R***v (verified owner)

    Its money costs an order is excellent

  77. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  78. 7***r (verified owner)

    Monocle is very good. i already bought all my friends for birthdays. More than 10 pieces. Delivery in 5 days. Nice store.

  79. 7***r (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with the quality. Sharp and wide overview

  80. G***S (verified owner)

  81. I***v (verified owner)

    Chic purchase, took at the shooting range, as a result, in the evenings we consider the Moon
    Came very quickly, the quality is excellent, the kit is as in the description.

  82. V***v (verified owner)

    Excellent seller, wonderful goods. The model is not new and has already proven itself well.

  83. A***v (verified owner)

  84. A***v (verified owner)

  85. R***r (verified owner)

  86. A***a (verified owner)

  87. V***n (verified owner)

    Powerful Monocle. The image is clean, without soap and abberations on the field of vision. Before that, there were binoculars BPC-it was objectively weaker.

  88. M***h (verified owner)

    Pipe is clear! Time to take for 1600 with a penny. Delivery days 8.

  89. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    Good Machine.

  90. R***r (verified owner)

    Excellent. Delivered on time!

  91. d***d (verified owner)


  92. R***r (verified owner)

  93. 0***r (verified owner)

  94. K***n (verified owner)

    An excellent monocular, assembled qualitatively, not a toy, it is convenient to look, better than in binoculars that constantly doubles

  95. 7***r (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this Optics. Especially for 1600 R.

  96. o***v (verified owner)

  97. O***a (verified owner)

  98. S***o (verified owner)

  99. V***o (verified owner)

  100. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  101. R***v (verified owner)

  102. R***r (verified owner)

    Delivery is very noisy. The image quality is completely satisfied. It is important that you can make a photo through the pipe, the quality of the fire

  103. С***в (verified owner)

  104. 7***r (verified owner)

  105. V***a (verified owner)

  106. A***v (verified owner)

    Binoculars are good. But for running hunting does not fit in dimensions. And so the approach is clear.

  107. A***v (verified owner)

    Nice thing. It remains to purchase a normal tripod and adapter for the phone. Mail tried to kill the parcel, but everything is whole))

  108. S***n (verified owner)

    The goods are excellent, I advise the seller, all super

  109. S***v (verified owner)

    I took on the replacement of tourist-3, so that it was easier and more compact. I like everything for now. The case is not bad, but bulky.

  110. M***v (verified owner)

    In general, the monocular is good, compact (better than binoculars to carry with you) of the minuses declared 13 there is no and this is a fact. I have binoculars Tasco 7*50 will be a little worse than this
    Monocle. Real parameters somewhere 8*50
    Of the pluses of oooocheen, the big lens is clearly visible)) took for hiking in the mountains. A cover and a belt are attached. It remains to buy a tripod and a holder for the phone. The parcel was sent via SDEC, brought by The Courier (for our town Cheremkhovo Irkutsk region-this is laksheri)

  111. S***v (verified owner)

    Kind good. But about the gain-the increase was bent, frankly, if you want a better increase,-take more!! This at a distance of 150 meters visible but not very improved, but expected more powerful increase!

  112. A***o (verified owner)

    On July 5 ordered, on July 13 already brought the courier sdek. Delivery to the Amur region is very pleasantly surprised. The optics themselves for such small money is beyond praise. Pyaterochka in the basket!

  113. 2***r (verified owner)

  114. Д***в (verified owner)

  115. R***r (verified owner)

  116. A***v (verified owner)

  117. r***m (verified owner)

  118. R***v (verified owner)

    All as in the description, the video is good

  119. R***r (verified owner)

    Quality pleased!

  120. a***r (verified owner)

    Very good goods

  121. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  122. A***V (verified owner)

  123. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    Well received, with 10 days in advance, I recommend

  124. R***r (verified owner)

    Sent fast, DPD sunk

  125. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  126. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  127. H***m (verified owner)

    Excellent Device, increases well! The bag was quite high quality. Thanks svbonnie)))

  128. R***v (verified owner)

    Recommend!! The picture is surprisingly good!!! I compare with levenhug 10×50 Ed!! I agree that the comparison is not equivalent, but there is no point in overpaying 10 prices!!! Increase is about the same!!! Picture clear!

  129. s***a (verified owner)

  130. 4***r (verified owner)

    Quality norms.

  131. g***r (verified owner)

  132. g***r (verified owner)

  133. D***y (verified owner)

  134. m***z (verified owner)

  135. M***v (verified owner)

  136. 0***r (verified owner)

  137. K***v (verified owner)

  138. 2***r (verified owner)

  139. R***r (verified owner)

  140. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  141. R***n (verified owner)

    It’s okay. 13 theft of course, the lens is clear for 500 meters, you can know a person thought the approach will be better.

  142. I***o (verified owner)

  143. R***r (verified owner)

  144. d***v (verified owner)

  145. d***v (verified owner)

  146. V***v (verified owner)

  147. E***v (verified owner)

    Good toy

  148. 8***r (verified owner)

  149. R***v (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, in size assumed that there will be less, the picture is light, a large viewing angle

  150. A***v (verified owner)

    There are no complaints about quality. The picture is gorgeous. The focus range is wide. Increase what you need. The post of Russia is a zvyzdets.

  151. M***a (verified owner)

  152. A***k (verified owner)

    Very good monocular. Approaches worthy, executed qualitatively. A couple of falls in the case sustained.

  153. 4***r (verified owner)

  154. 4***r (verified owner)

  155. S***n (verified owner)

  156. 5***r (verified owner)

  157. G***v (verified owner)

  158. S***o (verified owner)

    Monocular, very pleased, excellent quality, decent picture and increase, for the first in general Super! 20.07 ordered 27.07. Took it at the post office. Thank you and prosperity to the seller!

  159. S***o (verified owner)

  160. А***и (verified owner)

  161. P***n (verified owner)

  162. A***v (verified owner)

  163. A***n (verified owner)

  164. I***v (verified owner)

    The order came in a week. Compared with the Russian MP 10*50. MP is slightly Mutter (yellowness) in the photo can be seen. Svbonnie quality is better. At a range like the same. Maybe someone will benefit from my review). I’m basically happy. Thank you.

  165. I***n (verified owner)

    A pipe of its money costs. 10 crats are definitely there (there is something to compare. Shipping fast.

  166. a***a (verified owner)

    Monocular is excellent! to the seller Thank you very much!

  167. K***n (verified owner)

  168. S***K (verified owner)

  169. A***v (verified owner)

  170. E***s (verified owner)

    I enjoyed!

  171. R***r (verified owner)


  172. D***v (verified owner)

  173. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  174. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  175. A***v (verified owner)

  176. R***v (verified owner)

    A good toy for this money, now I want more assistant.

  177. R***n (verified owner)

  178. V***f (verified owner)

  179. A***u (verified owner)

    Quite good goods

  180. 7***r (verified owner)

    Everything works, the delivery is super. The seller is good.

  181. K***r (verified owner)

    Not bad ..

  182. 8***r (verified owner)

    For your money is OK.

  183. A***v (verified owner)

  184. V***v (verified owner)

  185. A***V (verified owner)

  186. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  187. 9***r (verified owner)

    Very satisfied, I recommend

  188. M***v (verified owner)

    Good quality, 13 times increase is optimal for viewing with hands

  189. u***r (verified owner)

    Excellent seller and product, I recommend

  190. V***. (verified owner)

    For this money norms

  191. R***r (verified owner)

  192. j***n (verified owner)

  193. i***i (verified owner)

    Fast shipping. What, to say-look at the reviews in yutuba, all right-a good budget pipe!

  194. a***v (verified owner)

  195. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  196. D***v (verified owner)

  197. S***v (verified owner)

    Cool thing. Quite decent optics, the image is not blurry, clear. With such a brevity with hands noticeable shaking, the tripod saves

  198. H***o (verified owner)

    Excellent seller, very fast shipping and everything is OK, Thanks Regards

  199. 3***r (verified owner)

  200. S***v (verified owner)

  201. a***n (verified owner)

  202. M***v (verified owner)

  203. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  204. s***s (verified owner)

    Great monocular. Packed very well. I came very quickly. I bought it as a gift. Recommend

  205. j***j (verified owner)

  206. R***N (verified owner)

  207. l***j (verified owner)

  208. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  209. D***g (verified owner)

  210. K***o (verified owner)

    Normal device, but the approach is weaker than expected. The plastic of the case is tactile pleasant.

  211. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  212. m***r (verified owner)

  213. С***а (verified owner)

  214. С***а (verified owner)

  215. q***K (verified owner)

  216. n***n (verified owner)

  217. A***v (verified owner)

  218. P***v (verified owner)

    product is as described. delivery and shipment are fast. recommended product and seller. very satisfied with my purchase.

  219. M***r (verified owner)

    I would like a little better, and so children’s toy

  220. a***r (verified owner)

  221. V***v (verified owner)

  222. V***v (verified owner)

  223. D***n (verified owner)

    Great optics. Good quality performance. Everything suits me. For fishing and observation in nature, then what you need!

  224. y***n (verified owner)

  225. 4***r (verified owner)

  226. O***a (verified owner)

  227. O***K (verified owner)

  228. 7***r (verified owner)

  229. E***v (verified owner)

  230. V***v (verified owner)

    Very satisfied! The image is clear, sharp. The picture is bright, bright. The device itself is more compact than medium binoculars. Not heavy. I got there in a week, the courier brought me to the door. Recommend👍

  231. d***r (verified owner)

    It’s fine. Delivery 32 days.

  232. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  233. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  234. B***a (verified owner)

    Top top top, powerful monocle, rewarding to buy

  235. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  236. 0***r (verified owner)

  237. V***a (verified owner)

    Very good

  238. a***a (verified owner)


  239. B***n (verified owner)

    Received in good condition. As described. Solid body, good quality lenses. Complete with lens caps.

  240. A***a (verified owner)


  241. A***k (verified owner)

  242. o***v (verified owner)

  243. 1***r (verified owner)

    It came on time, the quality is excellent! The device pleased.

  244. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    I am more at 10X50 than 13X50.

  245. R***M (verified owner)

  246. D***v (verified owner)

  247. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  248. M***O (verified owner)

    Posted 15/08. Arrived Today day 23/08. Extremely fast! Recommend!!! Product very well packed. Delivers what it promises. Like! Only the cap bigger is not secure. But is a detail. PS.: did tests and photos night, indoors, my sips!

  249. V***o (verified owner)

  250. V***v (verified owner)

  251. K***y (verified owner)

    You can take it.

  252. D***v (verified owner)

  253. g***r (verified owner)

  254. I***y (verified owner)

    For 1786 rubles. Very cool. Shipping is super fast. He ordered 23, and he already took the 26th at the Post Office in Saransk. I am pleased.

  255. a***h (verified owner)


  256. G***v (verified owner)

  257. s***w (verified owner)

  258. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  259. V***m (verified owner)

  260. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  261. r***r (verified owner)

    Goods received! Corresponds to the description. A good monocular for his money.

  262. A***o (verified owner)

    Everything perfectly increases super

  263. S***I (verified owner)

  264. d***d (verified owner)

  265. R***r (verified owner)

    I’m happy quickly delivered in 5 days

  266. I***v (verified owner)

    Very good

  267. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    Wonderful product but, only 6.5⁰ field of view. Not good for bird watching. Returned for refund.

  268. M***v (verified owner)

  269. M***s (verified owner)

  270. E***o (verified owner)

  271. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  272. d***o (verified owner)

    Like the product. The picture is very good.

  273. С***в (verified owner)

  274. С***в (verified owner)

  275. M***h (verified owner)

  276. Y***v (verified owner)

  277. A***v (verified owner)

  278. M***i (verified owner)

    It arrived quickly, less than 10 days.
    The price and weight are perfect for me.
    The monocular arrived and I think it was very good that it could be used for bird watching.

  279. A***v (verified owner)

    All according to the description

  280. V***w (verified owner)

    It can be seen that the monocular has already been printed, that is, someone made his return. Apparently, I have such a fate, because I previously ordered another monocular in another store and the same thing-the packaging was opened. That monocular returned, this one will not. Although it was a huge one, I did not think it would be such a giant. It’s much better than the old one. I’ll leave it, but I’ll probably look for more miniature ones.

  281. p***v (verified owner)

  282. A***a (verified owner)

  283. R***s (verified owner)

  284. K***v (verified owner)

  285. 1***r (verified owner)

  286. M***v (verified owner)

    The thing is good for its money, but in fact the toy, the approach is so to itself.

  287. A***a (verified owner)

    As always, everything is super!

  288. R***r (verified owner)

    Got it all!

  289. W***o (verified owner)

  290. A***v (verified owner)

  291. O***o (verified owner)

  292. V***v (verified owner)

    The increase is consistent. Compared with binoculars Olympus 10×50. I looked at the manufacturer’s website. I was very surprised-mostly telescopes and accessories to them. On the site this monocular costs $56. Of the minuses-a bad lens cap and instruction from another monocular ..

  293. v***v (verified owner)

  294. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  295. v***v (verified owner)

  296. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  297. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  298. V***o (verified owner)

  299. I***v (verified owner)

  300. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  301. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  302. A***n (verified owner)

  303. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  304. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  305. K***n (verified owner)

    Come in a week. Quality is good, satisfied

  306. M***a (verified owner)

  307. A***v (verified owner)

  308. R***v (verified owner)

  309. C***m (verified owner)

    It came early and I loved it. Excellent article.

  310. 5***r (verified owner)

    Excellent monocular) increases decently. Before that, it was just a pipe, I bought here the same. This one is much better, and the review is more)) I’m very happy, I came quickly.

  311. I***v (verified owner)

  312. S***h (verified owner)

  313. A***y (verified owner)

  314. S***v (verified owner)

    The goods are very satisfied. It’s for me to hunt. The approach is good. Delivered in 2 weeks from the Russian warehouse, but this is already sdek nakosyakil. Seller and recommend!

  315. E***v (verified owner)

  316. 8***r (verified owner)

  317. 2***r (verified owner)

  318. M***v (verified owner)

  319. 5***r (verified owner)

    Excellent quality

  320. B***t (verified owner)

  321. y***l (verified owner)

  322. I***V (verified owner)

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    All as promised, good packing, goods whole, no scratches.

  328. g***b (verified owner)

    Good! clarity is customized. thank you!

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  331. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  332. i***v (verified owner)

  333. I***k (verified owner)

    Cool thing, but still for this price zoom in my opinion is weak

  334. D***m (verified owner)

    Corresponds to the description. I recommend the seller.

  335. Е***в (verified owner)

  336. D***a (verified owner)

    Disgusting packed parcel! Optical device wrap in one layer of PU film ???? Are you seriously ????

  337. С***н (verified owner)

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    Fast enough. But Rosi’s mail started.
    The right thing. And for 1700 generally excellent…

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    Excellent monocle, super fast delivery! Quality at altitude, visibility is excellent! I recommend the store and its products!

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  352. d***d (verified owner)

    Pros: image quality is good. Clear with very little light lensing. Not blurry around edges. Zoom is good for up to 300m and not shakey when holding by hand. Cons: like other reviewers said, lens cover is loose and can easily pop off. As for the mobile phone attachment, it works but needs patience to use.

  353. 0***r (verified owner)

  354. A***R (verified owner)

  355. M***v (verified owner)

    Monocle fire🔥
    The multiplicity of the increase is just right.
    No more. If more then need tripod. You can’t call it a toy. Ordered 24.08. Arrived 20.09. The seller is sociable, answers questions. Recommend.
    Distance to the mountains almost 3-4 km. The phenomenon of selling a house, meters 200-250😀

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    Delivery in five-5 days. Monocle liked. The increase corresponds to the description. thank you.

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    All is very good

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    Everything is fine! Fast and high quality!

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    Love it,thanks

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